Easily keep track of estimates, bookings, services and invoices. Online real-time job reports and eBilling direct to the customer.
  • Easy to use vehicle servicing: quote, booking and invoice
  • Reports on job profitability and workshop efficiency
  • Detailed customer and vehicle dashboards
  • Make bookings and manage your time efficiently
  • Send estimates/quotes and invoices by email
  • Easily email photos and job reports to customers

Vehicle Management

A complete management solution that enables you to control the vehicle life cycle from customer acquisition, to sales, including repair orders and service history.

Keep track of your vehicles, from purchasing, selling through to after sales. With Garage Manager you only enter the data once. It couldn't be easier to create a used car record on the system, just simply enter the registration to populate the required fields.

Once the car has been entered on to the system, you can check the valuation and margin on your car, advertise it with images and videos, and keep a log of any sales activity as well as much, much more.


Allows you to maximise your profits from sales and service departments with our comprehensive Customer Relationship Management.

Helps you plan your actions so that no deal falls through the cracks. Track everything about your deals, from the conversations you've had to all the people involved in them.

Improve your profitability by managing your customers

Create new deals and track their progress in real time.


Monitor stock levels, review detailed purchase and sales history to help manage pricing. Track parts to a vehicles, a job or direct sale to a customer.
  • Our real-time stock database makes parts control a breeze
  • Seamless inventory management with customised low stock alerts
  • Add, edit and remove pricing rules
  • Monitor supplier costs
  • Track individual parts
  • Bar code and QR code reader integration


A fully integrated accounts system, stock to trial balance, debitors, creditors and bank reconciliation. Bespoke financial reporting. The full picture is available at any time.
  • Invoice, ebilling and payment processing
  • Purchase orders and Accounts Payable
  • VAT (VAT3 return) and Intrastat reporting
  • Banking - multi accounts, reconciliation, credit cards
  • Reporting - Aged listings, stock
  • P & L and Trial Balance
  • Vehicle profitability, service and part reporting
  • Payment gateway integration (Stripe, PayPal, etc)
  • Bespoke reporting available


Margin Scheme, VAT on imports, and Globalised VAT are designed to ensure the calculation of the VAT on transactions is as simple as possible.
  • Margin Scheme VAT
  • VAT Qualifing
  • VAT Qualifing for Import
  • Globalised VAT for second hand parts sales

Garage Manager designed to keep VAT as simple as possible. Simply choose the type of purchase: margin, qualifying and Garage Manager will look after the rest.

Cost: €19500.00
Selling Price: €21950.00
Taxable amount: €2450.00
Net: €1991.87
VAT: €458.13

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