Vehicles from the UK?
Here is the easy way.

If you are importing vehicles from the UK, we make it simple.

Importing vehicles from auction in the UK

In the video below, we will show how easy it is to import vehicles from the UK. In this short presentation, you will see Garage Manager importing three vehicles from BCA, all done in under 2 minutes. Garage Manager reads the PDF invoice from the UK supplier and does all the hard work.

Processing a VAT refund from a UK auction house

Receiving the UK VAT refund payment is made so simple. No more working out exchange rates and how much VAT is due for each vehicle. The video below shows how quickly this process can be done using Garage Manager.


Then the vehicle is ready for VRT, there is one less form to fill out. Garage Manager creates the VRTVPD1 form ready for printing and signing.

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