We have developed an industry first: PDF importing.

Process supplier invoices without typing, making sure parts and all their details, make it on to the right jobs.

In the video below, we will show how easy it is to import parts from your parts suppliers PDF invoice. In this short presentation, you will see Garage Manager importing a supplier invoice and assigning the lines to vehicles (or jobs). All done in under 40 seconds! Garage Manager reads the PDF invoice from the supplier and does all the hard work.

Workshop Features

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Job Management

Keeping you up to date with each and every job in your workshop at a glance. Manage jobs with your technicians in one place and in real time.
  • Quickly locate jobs via registration number, customer or date.
  • Each job holds all information relating to it: e.g. invoices, purchases, job cards, etc.
  • Jobs allow you to link to many other functions and utilities, such as service scheduling, technician tracking, photographs, etc.
  • Easily print job cards for your technicians.
  • Job Templates functionality helps save commonly done jobs and services as templates to be used over and over again, cutting down time spent on preparing job cards and/or invoices.


Quick and easy invoicing/quoting with pre-configured invoice items. Convert estimates/quotes to jobs or bookings directly.
  • eInvoicing and online job payment processing.
  • Stripe and PayPal payment integration.
  • Save commonly used invoice items to use on other invoices and quotes.
  • Convert estimates/quotes directly into jobs or bookings with one click.
  • Easily print invoices/quotes or send them via email to customers.
  • All invoice templates are fully customisable so invoices can fit corporate brand.

Customer and Vehicle Management

Easily store your workshop's customers and vehicle details for use throughout the system.
  • All customers information at your fingertips. Never have to fumble around looking for phone numbers or email addresses.
  • No limit to the number of customer entries.
  • Support complete customer and vehicle histories, upload photos against any job or vehicle.
  • Send statements or communicate with your customers via email directly.

Stock Control

Know exactly what your workshop has in stock at all times. Paired with our stock alert and stock reordering helpers, your workshop will never run out of stock again.
  • Straightforward stock level control.
  • Stock alerts on MRQ's and stock reordering based on stock levels is intuitive and quick.
  • Search for stock via description, code and bin location helping you find any stock item with minimal effort.
  • Each stock item holds a complete sales and purchase history.
  • Support for bar-code scanners and label printers.

Supplier Management

Take purchases on with out typing anything using our PDF importing. Stay on top of your bills and bill payments with ease.
  • Convert suppliers PDF invoices to purchases without any re-keying. Saving hours of mind numbing work!
  • Supplier information always available. Never have to fumble around looking for phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Unlimited supplier entries.
  • Supplier purchase histories for any supplier.

Service Scheduling

Easily know which vehicles are due or overdue for service. Easily send reminders to your customers.
  • Support scheduling for services and NCTs.
  • Have full control over when, how and what is sent in service reminders to customers.
  • Both email and SMS reminders are supported.


Better understand business with the reporting system - everything from sales and received payments to stock value and employee efficiency.
  • Report on: Income, Expense, Work in Progress, Employee, Marketing and Stock report categories.

Data Import/Export

We help you import your workshop data so you don't have to start over from scratch. Your data is available to you at all times.
  • Data is your business, hence we strive to do all we can to import your data.
  • We are able to help you import customer, vehicle, supplier, stock and vehicle history data.

Multi-site Management

Managing multiple workshops. View reports, move stock, etc. all in one place.
  • Multiple workshops link together so they can share customer, vehicle, supplier and stock information.
  • Manage workshops at different sites through one portal.
  • Switch between different sites with ease to see reports, stock levels, etc.

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